energy consumption of buildings!

is an energy consumption optimisation solution


Basic building energy efficiency assessment

Integration with building main meters, entry of basic building data

Building set up in an hour

Pricing: €0.3 / m2 / year


Detailed energy efficiency assessment

Integration with BMS

Deployment of additional sensors

Building set up in days

Pricing: €0.7 / m2 / year


Adds AI-based building monitoring & control

Optimized control of building ventilation, heating, cooling

Building set up in weeks

Pricing: €1.5 / m2 / year

ThinFacility is showcasing its solutions at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Check out how we can modernize existing buildings with our technology!  

Meet the team

Jurgo Preden
Jurgo PredenCEO
20 years experience in complex solution sales, development & delivery
Kuldar Loime
Kuldar LoimeCOO
15+ years experience in solution development and delivery
Heikki Kitt
Heikki KittProduct Quality
20+ years experience in product quality assurance
Lenno Ruut
Lenno RuutCFO, compliance
20+ years experience in finance, risk management

Our product

Integrations with existing systems and sensors:

  • Data from all existing systems is utilized

Better & cost effective solution:

  • Integrations with utilities enable seamless delivery of meter data
  • ThinFacility sensors enable comprehensive data collection from any building
  • Fast setup – automatic data import from building registry

Superior analytics – more value:

  • Advanced analytics in collaboration with TalTech researchers
  • Benchmarking of building – regulatory compliance

Want to know how much you can save?

We can tell you with a simple indoor climate audit!


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